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About ININ

We focus on the publishing of high quality and feel-good retro and arcade games that inspire our customers and bring back great memories of the past. With physical editions distributed online and in selected stores, as well as digital editions, we want to make great and unique games accessible to retro game fans around the world.

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Our Mandate

We have been entrusted with a mandate to bring a diverse and curated portfolio of timeless video games to gamers, ranging from cherished retro IPs to brand new releases.

It is our mission to give games the attention they deserve but don’t get anywhere else.

For our fans, we generate feel-good gaming-moments, to cure their itch for light-hearted fun.

We release our games around the world for a wide & diverse fanbase of all gamers, both digitally

and physically in select retail stores and our own Gamesrocket store.

Moreover, it is our mandate to put video games in the spotlight as a multidimensional cultural treasure,

a form of art and a pop culture icon that deserves to be celebrated.

In doing so, we particularly act as a cultural bridge between Japan and the West.



The cooperation with great icons of the gaming industry, such as the legendary developer studio TAITO,

who entrusted us with their valuable projects, already resulted in outstanding games like

“Bubble Bobble 4 Friends” or “The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors”.


 Numerous other milestones of the classic gaming culture are in the planning

and we are looking forward to continue our passionate work on those great projects.


ININ translates as "mandate" in Japanese.

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The origin of video games

Roughly 50% of the best-selling games of all time are direct descendants of arcade or console games between 1970s and 1990s. Many successful game concepts were invented on the arcades of the 80s and have not changed that much.


Our Mission: back to the future

Gaming legacy of yesteryears
and classics of the future

Arcade defines the values of our games

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Our Publishing and Studio Partners


Our Retail Network

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