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Fly in and Pre-Order AIR TWISTER Now!

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Hello?! *Taps mic* Is this thing on?

We said pre-orders for the boxed editions of Air Twister are NOW OPEN!

It’s almost time to play the exhilarating 3D shooter crafted by the legendary game designer Yu Suzuki (the mastermind behind Shenmue, Space Harrier, Virtua Fighter, and Out Run)! Air Twister will be available digitally & physically on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 and as a download on PlayStation 4, Xbox & PC on November 10th, 2023.

Air Twister is Yu Suzuki’s return to his arcade roots: an easy-to-learn, pick-up-and-play shooter with an inspired design and an extraordinary soundtrack by symphonic rock legend Valensia, who contributed a truly out-of-this-world soundtrack that has never been heard before in a video game. 

Air Twister also presents quirky and unique moments that you will not find in any other contemporary game. There’s just something so special about fighting a huge glowing space squid from the back of an armored flying fish while, at the same time, a lush glam rock solo reaches its crescendo!

The game consists of 12 differently designed stages, full of novel enemies and huge boss monsters that you fight with five weapons while speeding through highly detailed and imaginative 3D worlds. With each playthrough, you unlock more features and gameplay items to help you in future attempts. 

Don’t walk… Run and check out the Pre-Order Start Trailer to see the game in action!

But wait a sec! ININ’s partner label, Strictly Limited Games, gives Air Twister much-deserved Limited and Collector’s Editions. Stay tuned for more news on that!


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