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Meet Nata de Cotton and her sidekick Silk

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As there is so much anticipation building for this really cute and colorful shoot-’em up, we together with BEEP are delighted to announce the first trailer of Cotton Reboot!

The first official trailer encapsulates the magical and perfect fusion of a side-ways scroller, cute ‘em up with a fabulous cast of adversaries, non stop exciting action and an adorable central character. Nata de Cotton, together with her sidekick mascot Silk, a fairy, front up against an ever growing horde of very troublesome enemies in many evil forms.

Cotton Reboot! delivers seven amazing colourful stages, where visual and onscreen conformations really show off this arcade gem at its best. Special effects, pixel perfect animation, sprites and backdrops deliver unexpected surprises.

For more information about the magical world of Nata de Cotton, visit


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