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Nico, Nico, Nico, Can’t You See? Sometimes Your Parasol Hypnotizes Me!

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Meet Nico. A cute pink-haired little girl holding an umbrella.

Is she waiting for rain? Maybe. 

Is she waiting for the incoming hoards of evil toy robots to single-handedly desecrate with her all powerful, multi-purpose, slaying parasol?


In this cutesy but brutal 2D platformer, use your wits and quick reflexes to guide the heroine, Nico, through challenging stages filled with abstract and cartoony dangers.

Reminiscent of the yellow parasols in Parasol Stars: The Story of Bubble Bobble III, you must rely on Nico’s trusty yellow umbrella, as it allows you to charge at enemies, float gracefully through the air, spring off walls with agility, and even reflect incoming bullets! Master the functions of the umbrella for a sweet, sweet victory… but watch out for the clock, ‘cuz when you run out of time something more terrifying than a “game over” awaits!

This Japan-exclusive arcade game will be available in the West for the first time ever!

In the meantime, see Nico in action in our newest Trailer!



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