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New adventure-packed trailer!

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Together with game developer and publisher STUDIOARTDINK we are excited to reveal some new footage and information about Wonder Boy – Asha in Monster World!

An adventure-packed new trailer
A brand-new trailer is showing lots of new content like some unique characters in the game, the teamwork between Asha and her little, blue companion Pepelogoo and gimmick-filled stages. Whether you’re a longstanding fan of the game series or discovering Monster World anew, we hope you sense the beginning of an exciting adventure here:

Experience Asha’s journey like never before
The story remains true to the original game from 1994.
Asha sets out to free the four spirits being confined by evil forces whose origin she discovers throughout her journey, together with Pepelogoo.
The players can experience the adventures of the dynamic duo like never before thanks to cell-shaded 3D graphics and 2D gameplay as well as enhanced visuals and refined play content. Plus, for the first time in the series, it comes with a character voice – by the popular and talented Japanese voice actress Ai Fairouz.

Developed by the original members of Westone Bit
The fully remastered version of Wonder Boy IV is led by none other than its original creator, Ryuichi Nishizawa. He is supported by Maki Ōzora for character design, Shinichi Sakamoto, who created the new and improved music and sound effects that accompanies Asha’s adventures and Takanori Kurihara as creative manager to create a worthy remake and new entry to the iconic series. 

Including the original game!
To honor the game’s legacy, the beloved original game Monster World IV is included in all physical editions of ININ Games. It’s not included in any of the digital versions – it’s exclusively available in the physical retail and limited editions for North America, Europe and Australia. For the Nintendo Switch version, it will be featured on the cartridge. The PS4 disc version will include an exclusive download code.

The Western retail release of Wonder Boy – Asha in Monster World for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch will be in Q2 2021 for North America and Europe.


Dedicated collectors and fans of the game series can pre-order three exclusive limited editions at Strictly Limited Games:
• Limited Edition
• Collector’s Edition
• Mega Collector’s Edition


For more information about the game, please visit:

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