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Shadow of The Ninja – Reborn

What Lurks in the Shadows Must Come to Light...

Following on the heels of last year’s hit title, Pocky & Rocky: Reshrined, this is the fourth 16-bit style remake from TENGO PROJECT. Shadow of the Ninja – Reborn graces us with a ton of new features, graphics and music!

Returning after 33 years, this trailblazer in ninja action games was originally released on the Japanese Nintendo Family Computer by Natsume Inc. in 1990. At the time, it was one of the most polished Family Computer action games and rated as one of the best two-player coop games. It’s safe to say that Shadow of the Ninja solidified Natsume’s reputation as a master of action games. 



The Megacity of Laurasia.

Once a symbol of humanity’s prosperity, this megalopolis has turned into a hell on Earth.

Under the invasion of the demon emperor, Garuda

Emerging from the darkness, accompanied by hordes of monsters

They robbed this world of its light.

In this world sealed by darkness, people are overwhelmed with despair, while

Garuda’s sinister laughter echoes from the towering skyscrapers in the heavens.

Until they appeared…


Two shadows race through the stronghold of evil demons.

They have come from the country to the east.

Silently infiltrating dangerous enemy territory, coldly executing their targets.

They are dark assassins who receive substantial rewards in return.

However, what drives them into harsh battles,

is not merely for the sake of rewards.

People’s cries of grief and sadness call upon them.

Their fervent righteous indignation and unyielding souls conquer mighty enemies.

When the world falls into chaos, they appear from nowhere.

Warriors with strength to subdue any evil and disappear into nothingness.

People called them “ninjas.”


Legendary two-player simultaneous action! 

You and a friend can choose between the ninjas Hayate and Kaede, and work together to defeat challenging enemies!

Incredibly detailed pixel art quality! 

The commitment to the 16-bit-style pixel art that was so highly acclaimed in our previous title, Pocky & Rocky Reshrined, will be on display again! Enjoy the carefully crafted pixel art that definitely breathes life into the game.

Iku Mizutani, the star composer who helped create the iconic Natsume sound, is back on board!  

Mr. Mizutani, who created the Natsume soundtrack for the original version of this title as well as the Shatterhand and Medarot series, has been confirmed for this new project. Classic gamers and fans of Mr. Mizutani will find delight in his renowned guitar riffs and fast-paced 16-bit melodies! 

Dynamic Production is once again taking on the visuals! 

As with the 90s original, the key visuals and character illustrations will be handled by Dynamic Production.

Join Hayate and Kaede to save humankind from the tyranny of evil in this addictive 1-2 player side-scrolling masterpiece!


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