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Darius Cozmic Collection getting digital!

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The digital versions of one of the pioneers of horizontal Shoot’ Em Up games, developed by legendary TAITO Corporation, are ready to be released on PS4 and Nintendo Switch from ININ Games.
On 16th June 2020, Darius Cozmic Collection Console and Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade will be available for retro game fans around the world in the Nintendo eShop and PSN.
The Darius Cozmic Collection represents the history of the iconic series. Players can slip into the role of a spaceship pilot to shoot and fight his way through enemy hordes completed by an outstanding soundtrack and an unforgettable game design.
To assure the fans absolutely high quality, all of the games in the collections have been faithfully ported to modern consoles by the retro game experts from M2 in Japan.


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